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Automatic bagging machine for barreled water

  • Automatic bagging machine for barreled water
Automatic bagging machine for barreled water
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Jiangmen Angel Hardware & Eletrical Appliances Co., Ltd. has 20 years of research on the production of barreled water. Now, new research and development and production of automatic unmanned bagging machine for bottled water, the whole process of production only need to open power, no personnel management and operation. It not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the production cost.

The function and characteristics of automatic barrel water bag machine (bottled water automatic membrane packer):

1, the packing efficiency is high, the operation is simple, the labor cost is reduced; the packing speed can reach 900-1200 barrels per hour, the workers can save two to four people, and the labor cost can be saved about 6-10 million yuan each year.

2. After sealing, the bucket bag is attached to the barrel, which is beautiful and compact. It is a good helper for setting up its own brand.

3, plastic film can protect the bucket, reduce wear and soiled effect. Semi finished film is used as material, and the cost is about 1/3. less than that of a commercial bucket bag.

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1. Main technical indicators

1, equipment specification (2000* long 1000* width 1600 high) (unit: mm):

2, working efficiency (barrel / hour): 1500

3, rated power (kw): 3

5. The total weight is about (kg): 800

6. Power system: 380V

7. Thin film width: 690mm

8, coiling weight, 32kg/ circle

9, the thickness of the film is 0.0065 mm-0.015 mm

10. barrel direction: in line with the production line of the first party.