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Double "eleven" guide e-commerce consumption
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Date: 2018-05-18
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Crazy more than TmallAt the beginning of this year, Taobao mall officially changed its name to "Tmall". To the outside world, this slightly exaggerated, glamorous and magic name is strange, but for th...

Crazy more than Tmall

At the beginning of this year, Taobao mall officially changed its name to "Tmall". To the outside world, this slightly exaggerated, glamorous and magic name is strange, but for the Alibaba group, it is a signal that forces B2C to keep C2C from Taobao market. Tmall is coming from B2C, and in the US where e-commerce is mature, The leader of online retailing is B2C. People prefer to buy goods or services from large businesses rather than individual sellers. In November 11, 2012, Tmall was the first "double 11". The term "adult ceremony" is used to describe the significance of this day to Tmall.

10 minutes before 11 days after midnight, Internet users through the Alipay in Tmall spent 250 million yuan, last year's double 11, turnover broken billion yuan spent 8 minutes. 37 minutes and 39 seconds, Alipay turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan, which means that Chinese more than 400 million Internet users per person in the carnival festival consumption two dollars. At 8:16, the figure hit 5 billion yuan, equivalent to the total sales of 395 main retail businesses in Shanghai during the National Day Golden Week this year. By 11:18, Alipay reached the sales reached 7 billion 900 million yuan, beyond the last year in the United States the largest online shopping festival "network on Monday (cybermonday), the national online shopping site sales amounted to $1 billion 250 million, about 7 billion 800 million yuan. At 13:38, the sales amount reached 10 billion yuan. Finally, the total sales of the double 11 day by Alipay reached up to 19 billion 100 million yuan, is three times more than last year, the lynx reached 13 billion 200 million yuan, Taobao is completed 5 billion 900 million yuan. B2C's Tmall is far more than C2C's Taobao market.

It is interesting that four years ago, the "double 11" shopping carnival, launched by Taobao, became a carnival of all online stores today, and the sales of a number of B2C online stores were soaring. executive vice president Li Bin 12 in the early morning after the early morning zero in micro-blog announced the sales report card of the mall: after the November 9th -10 day won 1 million 500 thousand orders, November 11th website volume again ushered in explosive growth, all day orders exceeded 1 million 700 thousand, three days accumulated a cumulative order of nearly 3 million orders Sales growth is more than 20 times over the same period. Dangdang also handed over the November 11th "full day sales of over 100 million yuan" report card, the same day after the day of 5 minutes after the net publication will receive 11243 orders, book sales only 10 minutes to break through 1 million yuan. Yi fast network received 165 thousand orders all day in "double 11", the sales amount exceeded 120 million yuan, which set the highest single day record of the online business city, compared with last year's "double 11" to achieve more than 10 times growth. A "slow pay" commitment is proposed to provide cash coupons for orders with delayed delivery.

"Double 11" is actually a practice of a soldier

Do not climb mountains do not know good health. In plain days, it is difficult for people to find problems. Only under pressure, can they be presented. This is also an interpretation of the Tmall department's "double 11" meaning: when the mass order is coming, can the two of the shop survive? Can the customer service hold up? Can logistics express be able to hold up?

Zhang Yong, President of Tmall, believes that this year's "double 11" has gone from Tmall to the e-commerce industry, and even went to the entire retail industry. The demand for consumers is there, "how to stimulate it, guide it, and eventually form a full feast to consumers". Although Zhang Yong stressed in order to prepare for "double 11", Tmall prepared Kung Fu, but in the first minute of "double 11", the 10 million netizens poured into Tmall still gave Tmall a great impact, resulting in intermittent payment pages and commodity pages unable to access until the crowd slowly dispersed around 2 a.m. on the 11 day. It is only to be able to recover. After that, Tmall said that despite massive preparations, massive crowds still caused tremendous pressure on the system. "We envisioned thousands of disaster preparedness plans," Zhang Yong explained that the payment page could not be opened in fact an emergency solution that would release the pressure by "queuing", or the system would be put off immediately; on the day of "double 11", the peak value of Tmall's data was close to 2TB, two times that of the year, but the whole Tmall system still remained. The normal operation has passed, "although we feel that the webpage is slower, it still flows at least."

Of course, there are also tens of thousands of Tmall shopkeepers involved in "double 11", who are under great pressure. They are both tested on customer service or on delivery. Yang Fei, the general manager of more than 40 brands operating on Tmall, told reporters that in order to cope with the "double 11" company's customer service personnel, it was more than one hundred people. Not only did the company's administrative and logistics personnel changed their customer service, but also a large number of "temporary workers" were recruited from vocational schools, and were done two or three months ahead of time. Ready for the stock, the shipment will be 20 times as much as usual. In fact, Tmall's massive orders also forced them to upgrade their industry: in the past, the general business model of Taobao shops was "husband and wife shop", one was responsible for customer service, printing orders, one pack of goods, and express delivery, but with the increase of orders, this "kick" way has been unable to meet the demand for growth. Yang Fei said, now Tmall shop needs meticulous division of labor, product end is responsible for design and manufacture, the intermediate link is responsible for marketing, customer service, operation and so on.


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